Resident Evil Origins Collection out next year

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Capcom is bundling two of its digital Resident Evil remakes onto disc.

Resident Evil Origins Collection will include two games – Resident Evil HD, which was released on consoles earlier this year, and Resident Evil 0, which is due out on PS4, Xbox One and PC in early 2016.

The latter game was only announced in May. Until this release it had only ever appeared on GameCube. Indeed, the already available Resident Evil HD is also based on the GameCube release, which itself was a remaster of the original title.

Resident Evil 0 itself is not due out until early 2016, priced at 14.99. When this disc bundle will be released and how much it will cost us yet to be announced. There is a trailer, however, which you can see below.

Don't forget that Capcom has also announced a remake of Resident Evil 2.