Respawn's first game is called Titanfall, is Xbox and PC only

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Titanfall. That's the name of the game being secretly developed by Respawn Entertainment.

Respawn, lest you forget, was started by Jason West and Vince Zampella after the Infinity Ward founders were booted from their studio by now-owners Activision.

One of their first acts after establishing Respawn was announcing an exclusivity deal with EA. Titanfall will be the pair's first release.

Kotakureports that a NeoGaf user has discovered it's an Xbox One and PC exclusive, with an Xbox 360 version being developed by a different studio. It will be reliant on cloud gaming tech, meaning a permanent internet connection will likely be needed to play.

Titanfall is the cover star of the next Game Informer as is a sure bet to feature at Microsoft's E3 press event next Monday.