Ridge Racer Unbounded's European servers have been shut down

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Bandai Namco has turned off all online functionality for 2012 release Ridge Racer Unbounded.

Online access for all three versions – Xbox 360, PS3 and PC – is now no longer possible.

The publisher and developer wanted to take this opportunity to thank, once again, all the players for their support of Ridge Racer Unbounded throughout the years,” a message said.

From now on, Solo mode ‘Dominate Shatter Bay' and the track editor ‘Create My Cities', minus the online sharing options will remain fully playable.”

The game was released a month short of three years ago on March 30th. The Japanese release never took place.

In summer of last year the publisher abandoned its first free-to-play Ridge Racer title, Ridge Racer Driftopia, less than a year after it was released. The game, developed by Bugbear, had been roundly criticised for its use of microtransactions.