Rift subscription fees lowered

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Trion Worlds has dropped the subscription price of its PC MMO Rift with bigger savings given to those who pay annually.

An annual subscription previously cost 71.88 per year – or 5.99 per month – but this has now been lowered to 59 per year. This works out at 4.92 each month.

A six-month subscription is now 6.49 per month, or one payment of 38.94, down from a monthly fee of 6.99 or 41.94 every six months.

The three-month subscription remains the same at 7.99 per month or a fee of 23.97 every three months.

Rift went on sale in March 2011. The PC fantasy online RPG is one of a handful of big subscription-based MMOs on the market including World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

A beta version of the game's mobile iOS app went live earlier this month.

Many MMOs over the past year or so have adopted a free-to-play model such as DC Universe Online, EverQuest II and Aion.

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