Rock Band iOS apps to be delisted next week

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EA has announced it will be discontinuing downloads of all Rock Band iOS apps at the end of the month.

The publisher released a Q&A earlier today explaining the decision was made based on an expiring licensing agreement with Harmonix.

"EA's licensing agreement with Harmonix is ending and as a result, EA is discontinuing downloads of Rock Band iOS and Rock Band Reloaded iOS on the App Store after July 31st."

Rock Band, Rock Band Reloaded, and Rock Band Reloaded for iPad will still be available for those who have downloaded before the removal date, but DLC will no longer be available.

A couple months back Rock Band app owners received a message stating that the app would be pulled on May 31st. At the time, EA stated that the message had been sent in error, but looks like the only error was it initially showed up earlier than it was supposed to.