Rockstar unsure if GTA IV DLC will arrive this year

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Rockstar's co-founder and creative VP Dan Houser has said that he's unable to commit to a 2008 release date for the hotly anticipated exclusive Xbox 360 Grand Theft Auto IV downloadable content.

Speaking to Variety, Houser stated: It's going well, but we don't know a date. We hope to be announcing that in the next few weeks. We're still figuring out a few things. We're more focused on quality than dates, always have been. But the development is going really good. It's shaping up to be something we're very proud of. That was our goal.

Doing a big digital launch is something we've never done before. It's virgin territory, but at the same time, we feel very exposed because there's no case history. No one ever came out with major DLC for a major game like this before.”