Rumor: Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLC uncovered

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An image from an unknown source has surfaced showing off apparent upcoming multiplayer DLC for Mass Effect 3.

Originally picked up by Reddit (via Eurogamer), the image itself shows off a handful of multiplayer characters, such as the Geth Infiltrator and Engineer, Batarian Soldier and Sentinel, the Asari Justicar, and the Krogan Battlemaster.

The source allegedly downloaded "test DLC" from a developer server, which ultimately unlocked all DLC for the title.

Additionally, there's speculation by some that this could be the DLC included with Mass Effect 3 action figures; though BioWare previously stated add-on content was ‘slightly randomized' and could include a range of items and features such as new characters, weapons, upgrades, or mods.

Label all this a rumor for now, as neither BioWare nor EA has yet to comment on its validity.