RUSE wins over critics

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The reviews are in and new IP RUSE has been given a thumbs up by the critics.

Eurogamer, Edge, Videogamer IGN and GamesTM have all given the title an 8 out of 10, while CVG has given the game an 8.3.

The highest score came from Gamesmaster, which awarded the title a 93. NowGamer has plumped for an 8.4, Xbox World has given the title 83 while X360 gave it a 4 out of 5.

We are absolutely delighted at the response to RUSE with regards to review scores, and in general," said senior brand manager Phil Brannelly.

"The industry needs new IP to keep it interesting, exciting and alive, and Ubisoft continues to put its neck on the line to support and achieve this goal. The scores are simply testimony to the brilliant work developer Eugen Systems have put in to creating a superb RTS game which is both accessible to a broad audience while maintaining strategic depth.

"A key challenge which the team overcame though is building an intuitive user interface –at last – for console RTS gamers and being the first game on sale to utilise Playstation Move.”