Section 8 gets PSN release

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Having already hit Xbox 360 and PC late last year, futuristic shooter Section 8 is now heading to PS3 – though developer TimeGate has skipped publishers and retail, opting instead for a digital-only release on the PlayStation Network.

The decision is most likely related to TimeGate's legal spat with SouthPeak, which published the game on other formats, concerning missing royalty payments and alleged contract breaches.

The game will include the retail version's full single player game and also its full offering of online multiplayer features, as well as a number of perks not found in previous releases.

It will also be enhanced with support for TimeGate's TGNServer tech that allows users to host 32 player multiplayer games on their personal PC.

Section 8 will be an unforgettable experience for first-person shooter fans on the PS3 since there's nothing quite like it on the PlayStation Network,” TimeGate CEO Adel Chaveleh stated.

We're sure fans will agree that Section 8 is a breath of fresh air for gamers tired of stale, ‘me-too' multiplayer first-person shooters that fail to innovate.”

Section 8 is set for release on PSN this spring in North America. It's unclear if the game will be released in Europe.