SimCity BuildIt becomes the most played SimCity ever

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EA Mobile has said that mobile title SimCity BuildIt has become the most played title in the series' 26-year long history.

BuildIt, which is a reinterpretation of the first game re-worked for mobiles, was released in December last year – since when nearly 40m people have played the game.

Those players tend to spend around 40 minutes per day on the game, splitting that over several five-six minute sessions.

I think SimCity BuildIt has taken off for a number of reasons,” EA Mobile vice president and group general manager Jason Willig told VentureBeat. First and foremost, it was made by a deeply experienced team with incredible creative and technical horsepower.

[The] design is native to the mobile platform from the ground up, versus a PC port, incorporating elements like crafting, short sessions, and a balance of linear and sandbox gameplay. Those aspects, in combination with more traditional SimCity brand pillars like disasters, services and specializations, all wrapped in a gorgeous, 3D package, really spoke to consumers.”

Willig also praised the game's IAP system, arguing that progression in SimCity BuildIt is not tied to any type of micro-transaction”. Forking out does speed up game progression, however.

BuildIt was developed by EA Mobile's studio Tracktwenty in Helsinki, Finland. The series' creator, Maxis, was closed by EA earlier this year.