Slimline 160GB PS3 on the cards?

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It's easy to lose track of what new PS3 SKU to expect next, what with all the recent talk of 80GB cancellations and 120GB rumours – but now tech site


is claiming to have the scoop on a brand new slimline PS3.

Claiming to have word from a ‘particularly well-informed insider', it claims the new machine (T3's interpretation is pictured) is substantially smaller and packs a massive 160BG hard drive – nearly three times the size of the launch 60GB machine and four times the size of the current 40GB console.

A SCEE spokesperson told MCV that the rumour was simply "rumour and speculation".

Admittedly, Sony has always redesigned and slimmed down its machines after a time on the market – with the launch of the PSP Slim & Lite being the most recent.

But is such a move likely this early in the PS3's life-cycle? Time will tell.