SNK to grow UK market share

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Renowned Japanese games firm SNK Playmore has set its sights on the UK market with the upcoming launch of Samurai Shodown Sen.

The game is the latest in the long-running beat ‘em up series, and is due for an April release on Xbox 360 via Rising Star.

We are thrilled to partner with Rising Star Games on Samurai Shodown Sen, as we have much respect and admiration for their approach to creatively marketing Japanese games in Europe,” said Soichiro Hosoya, president of SNK Playmore.

Fans of the series will no doubt enjoy this next generation offering, so we look forward to working together to deliver a truly fun arcade fighting game that continues to deliver what this classic series has best been known for.”

The Samurai Shodown franchise debuted over 16 years ago on SNK's Neo Geo arcade system, and grew to be hugely popular in the East. Sen is the eleventh instalment in the series.

A few of the franchise's more popular titles have been transferred to consoles and released in the UK, but have yet to gain the same prominence the franchise enjoys in its home territory.

SNK hopes to change this with Samurai Shodown Sen – the franchise's first retail release on the Xbox 360, following a 2008 XBLA port of Samurai Shodown II.

The 360 edition of Sen stays true to the original arcade version, following the story of martial arts master Takechiyo as he journeys to rescue Princess Suzu. The game also features new characters and online multiplayer modes.