SOE MMO duo Planetside 2 and DC Universe Online heading to PS4

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Two of Sony Online Entertainment's MMO titles have been confirmed for PS4.

Licensed superhero outing and existing PS3 titles DC Universe Online as well as the until-now PC only multiplayer shooter Planetside 2 are both scheduled for a release on Sony's new machine.

The MMO genre was once touted as one of the big hopes for the current generation of machines. But a handful of largely unsuccessful releases aside, it simply never happened.

However, free-to-play multiplayer gaming has staged a fightback of sorts on PS3 with the release of titles such as CCP's Dust 514 and the multiplayer component of Sony's own Killzone 3.

Will PS4 and Xbox One deliver the new platform for MMO and free-to-play gaming that consoles have promised for so long?

Each game has got a trailer, by the way: