Software Sales Monitor: UK market rises to £68.3m

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Retail discounting Skyrim helped the UK games retail market generate a whopping 68.3m last week – a ten per cent rise over the week prior's 62.2m.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim also toppled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as the top-selling game of the week ending December 10th, thanks to heavy discounting.

Gamestation cut the price of Bethesda's RPG to 22.49 and its sales leapt 145 per cent week-on-week as a result.

Unit sales also leapt by 15 per cent overall with retailers selling 2,623,270 games in total.

Other games that performed strongly included FIFA 12 at No.4 and Just Dance 3, which was the third best-selling title of the week. Ubisoft enjoyed a 67 per cent rise in sales for its dancing game last week.

Although the rush of new releases has come to an end this year, expect EA's subscription-based PC?MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic to make an impact over the coming week.