Sonic fans near impossible to please

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Takashi Iizuka, the producer of Sega's upcoming Sonic Colours, has warned that there's no way the game will be able to appease the hedgehog's disparate fanbase.

There are so many fans, each with their own unique first experience of the Sonic franchise, so I do understand that there are different Sonic fans in the world,” Iizuka told Spong.

It's very hard – near-impossible, actually – to please everybody, but I believe that there are some constants in the franchise that we should always try to maintain.”

However, the producer did think that staying true to the fundamentals of the IP will ensure that the next game of the series is well received by many.

As long as these things are maintained, and that focus is still there, the team can think of ways to evolve Sonic, while keeping the fundamentals of attitude and speed. That's one way I believe we can go some way to pleasing as many Sonic fans as possible.”