Sonic Mania Plus will launch this summer, and Sega also announced a new animated series for its flagship character

Sega announced at SXSW that an updated version of Sonic Mania will launch this summer, featuring new characters and modes, and called Sonic Mania Plus.

Unlike its predecessor, it will also launch at retail. Sonic Mania only got a limited physical release through its collector’s edition while the digital version was a fantastic success for Sega. Sonic Mania Plus will hit shelves this summer for PS4, Xbox One and Switch. The physical version will also come with a 32-page art book and a Sega Genesis reversible cover. It will set consumers back $29.99 (£21) and will launch this summer (the exact release date has not been unveiled).

In terms of new features, Sonic Mania Plus will introduce two new playable characters: Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel, as well as an Encore Mode (which tweaks existing levels) and a co-op mode for four players.

Sega also announced a new animated series called Sonic Mania Adventures, which will be released on YouTube each month, starting next month. Sega revealed earlier this year that there’s also a Sonic movie in the works, due to release in 2019.

Here's the first look at Sonic Mania Plus' physical edition: