Sony announces Japanese Vita price cut

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The price of the PlayStation Vita has been cut by around 35 in Japan.

The machine had until now cost 24,980 (174) but will now retail for 19,980 (139), according to Eurogamer. The cut applies to both the Wi-Fi and 3G models.

Crucially this new price still means that Vita is more expensive than 3DS, a machine that regularly sells in vastly more excessive numbers.

Eyes will now turn to the West where the handheld is in desperate need of a boost to get it back on track.

Most retailer charge between 200-250 for the device, although cheaper prices can obviosuly be found for pre-owned models.

Arguably, though, Vita' biggest obstacle remains its software pricing. While Sony has embarked on a umber of digital software sales for the device launch RRP for new software can still reach over 40.