Sony dates PS3 MMO duo for 2010

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The long-awaited maturing of the MMO genre in the console space will seemingly have to wait a little longer to reach fruition with the news that upcoming SOE pair DC Universe Online and The Agency will not arrive on PS3 until 2010.

It had been hoped that at least one of the games would appear before the end of the year, but Joystiq reports that Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley confirmed the new release window at GDC 09.

The current generation of consoles have seen MMOs reach the market – namely Xbox 360 pair Final Fantasy XI and Phantasy Star Universe – but neither has seen the success many believe the genre is capable of on console.

All major MMO publishers, with the notable exception of World of Warcraft publisher Activision Blizzard, have stated that they believe MMOs can succeed on consoles – indeed, some go as far to say that the future of the genre will be dictated by it.