Sony hails "incredible" PS4 yields

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SCEA president Jack Tretton has described PS4 production yields as incredible”.

And as a result, the exec added, the PS4 launch will be the biggest in his company's history.

"We want to make sure that consumers have an opportunity to buy one on November 15th and through the holidays," he told Fox, as transcribed by Videogamer. "We're holding back some inventory to make sure that people have an opportunity to buy one that come in on launch day.

"But we can pre-sell every unit we can manufacture and the good news, production yields have been phenomenal, so this will be by a magnitude of a lot the biggest launch we've ever had.

It's going to be the biggest launch in history."

A report last month claimed that Microsoft was struggling with its Xbox One production yields, although the platform holder later dismissed the talk, describing yields as being better than expected”.