Sony, Microsoft and Apple bid on new top level domains

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ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, has released a list of companies who have bid to secure their brands as one of the new TLD (top level domains).

A host of new TLDs will soon be offered, complementing existing ones such as .com,, .biz and .org.

New Statesman reports that Microsoft has bid for 11 names including .xbox, .bing and .windows. The total value of these offers is $2.035m.

Sony has spent $555,000 bidding on .playstation, .sony and .xperia while aqpple has placed a $185,000 bid on .apple.

Amazon EU has bid on 76 names including .book, .cloud, .kindle, .mail, .shop and .app for $925,000.

Other bidders include the BBC (.bbc for $185,000) and Hasbro (.transformers for $185,000).