Sony: Natal cant match PS3 wand

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Ahead of the year that will see all three platform holders take to the motion-control battleground, Sony America's head of PlayStation marketing John Koller has boldly predicted that neither Nintendo's existing Wii or Microsoft's upcoming Natal will be able to match Sony's ambitions in the merging tech space.

Quite honestly, I think Project Natal and the Wii are going to have trouble matching, from a differentiation standpoint,” he told GamePro.

We look at motion control as being that much more than what exists on the market. The Holy Grail of gaming is placing you as a consumer into the game physically.

When we provide further details, people will see exactly where we're going, not only from a technological standpoint on the hardware, but also where the gameplay is transitioning. It's going to be a really exciting launch.

In terms of the best types of games, I'd say that right now we're looking a real wide variety of genres that can utilize the technology. I think the areas that are going to be really critical to our success will be family games, as well as shooters and sports games.”