Sony on PS4 pre-owned: "We're mindful of what game devs want"

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Platform holder Sony is doing all it can to calm consumers' concerns about pre-owned games on PS4.

All it can, that is, apart from categorically confirming that there will be no limitations placed on pre-owned software on PS4.

"It's not something that I feel I have any further announcement or comment to make on, other than to acknowledge with you that it's a massively important issue and of course we are going to do the right thing," Sony's Worldwide Studios VP Michael Denny told CVG when pressed on the subject.

"It's a massively important issue and I understand why it's one that keeps coming up and will keep coming up, because people want to know what the exact stance is."

"At this moment in time the announcements have been about our philosophy and vision for PlayStation 4, our motivation to put the gamer at the heart of it and why we've got the development community on it.

"In relation to points like that, of course we're mindful of what the game development community wants and what the wider industry issues are with those things. I think in good time that will become clearer."

These words will come as little comfort, however, to concerned gamers. Denny's highlighting of what the game development community wants” points to one thing – limitations.

Whether that's a flat block on pre-owned games, the inclusion of a PC-type activation code or an Online Pass style partial content block remains to be seen.

And while all the worry could be for nothing, it's hard to escape the conclusion that if Sony were not planning a pre-owned block of sort it would simply come out and say it.