Sony: Realism is Moves differentiator

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With observers quick to draw comparisons between PlayStation Move and Nintendo's Wii following Sony's curtain raising last night, SCEA boss Jack Tretton has claimed that the increased precision – and subsequently realism – that Move can provide is a big differentiator between the two machines.

I think realism is the key,” Tretton stated in an interview on the PlayStation Blog.

The ability to see yourself in 3D space, to interact your depth from the screen; your motion, whether it's a big motion or a subtle motion; the ability to have that motion controller in your hand and do something as subtle as painting or writing and then take that to swinging a golf club, swinging a sword or an axe, and to have that experience feel just like it is.

It's so difficult to describe until you get that ping-pong paddle in your hand. If you've played some ping-pong you'll be good at it. If you're not good at the tables you're going to struggle a little bit until you get the hang of it.

Tretton went on to deliver a thinly veiled dig at PS3's rivals

It's not just a simple flick of the wrist where you can fake it,” he added. I think we've all seen other games where you think you're a great golfer so you'll be great at motion gaming golf and you suck. You think you're great at motion gaming golf and you think that makes you a good golfer and you can't.”