Sony reassures gamers over PS4 Watch Dogs bundle pre-orders

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If you've already pre-ordered one of Sony's PS4 console and Watch Dogs bundles then the message is simple – don't worry.

While a couple of retailers in the US have reached out to customers to assure them, we're yet to hear from any in the UK.

Sony, however, has told MCV that it's currently working things out behind the scenes, stating: "Obviously this is a very recent announcement, but we will be working very closely both with Ubisoft and with our partners at retail to manage this situation.”

What seems most likely is that consumers will be offered the choice of an alternative bundled game. Assassin's Creed IV is perhaps the obvious choice, not only because it's also a Ubisoft title but also because, like Watch Dogs, it's an open-world game – albeit one with a vastly different setting.

Some retailers may also offer the chance to change to a solus pre-order while others may ship you the console on launch day and the game in the spring when it is eventually released.

The key thing to take away is this – Watch Dogs may be MIA but that doesn't affect hardware numbers, so if you've pre-ordered a console that's still yours.

Expect all to be confirmed within the next few days.