Sony: Retailers should treat digital the same as physical

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UK games stores should push digital games as much as physical ones, says Sony.

The platform holder has been active in supporting digital games on the High Street with various point card solutions for specialists and indie retailers.

We are looking for retailers to support each piece of content as it is released by treating digital as if it was a physical product. Promoting the content in-store and really targeting gamers who seek this content,” said Nick Dickinson, head of business development at Sony.

The platform holder says retailers have really backed Sony throughout the past 12 months following the launch of PlayStation 4.

Sony says it must now return the favour by helping physical stores adopt digital.

PS Plus for online multiplayer and free games available every month across PS3, PS4 and Vita has certainly helped retailers push subscriptions,” added Dickinson.

It's our role to help all retailers support the digital opportunity.