Sony reveals new PlayLink title, Erica

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A couple of months after Sony launched its first PlayLink titles, the platform holder just announced a new IP at Paris Games Week.

Called Erica, it’s in development at London-based studio Flavourworks and is a live-action, narrative-driven experience in which players’ choices have a direct impact on the story. For those who haven’t followed, PlayLink titles are PS4 games that can also be controlled using smartphones, with the aim to provide a more social experience as different players can have access to different info on the game they’re playing together.

The official announcement from Flavourworks said: “Erica allows you to immerse yourself in live-action video and make tactile choices through physical touch, offering a seamlessly flowing experience. Within the branching narrative, every choice has a profound effect on what the player will see next, with frequent decisions allowing continuous interaction.

“With a run-time of a feature length film, Erica offers a movie-like experience where players get to shape what they experience.”

It is due in 2018 and you can watch the trailer below: