Sony will let you vote for next free PS+ game; Grow Home confirmed for PS4

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The PS4's dashboard What's New section has let slip two bits of interesting PS4 news.

As spotted by Neogaf, Sony is introducing a Vote to Play system that will allow PS4 owners to vote on what title they want included in a future PlayStation Plus Instant Games Catalogue selection.

Whichever game wins each selection will be offered for free at launch to PS+ members.

Interestingly the current selection also includes Ubisoft's Grow Home, which until now hadn't been confirmed for consoles.

In a reasonably unusual move for Ubisoft, Grow Home was released directly to Steam – and uPlay – in February. It was a bit of a sleeper hit among critical circles. Artist Jack Couvela said later that month that the game could make the move to console, although he warned that Ubisoft Reflections is going to need big PC sales to justify that one”.