GTA V takes the top spot with an estimated 51,700,000 players

Sony's 'My PS4 Life' personalised stats videos have inadvertently enabled players to calculate the full, collective number of hours each game has been played across all users on PlayStation 4.

According to gamstat, the videos indicate the exact number of players who have successfully secured trophies. Combined with the percentage of people who have obtained that same trophy - data that is available for everyone on their consoles or the PlayStation website - the site has been able to provide an estimate for the total number of players for some PS4 games.

"Say, 1,142,392 players earned the "Cradle" trophy in No Man's Sky," gamstat exemplified. "And on they also reveal that 28.9 per cent of all players got this trophy. Simple math: the total number of people who have played No Man's Sky on PS4 = 1,142,392 * 100% / 28,9% = 3,952,913."

While the numbers are a few weeks old and not inclusive of recently released games - such as Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, for example - the calculations do give rough player counts for 116 games. And naturally, this only counts players on PlayStation 4.

Grand Theft Auto V is leading the way with an approximate 51,700,000 players, following by FIFA 18, FIFA 17, and FIFA 16, with 32,500,000, 30,000,000, and 28,300,000 respectively. Next comes Minecraft, with 25,600,000, Call of Duty: WWII with 24,600,000, and Rocket League with 22,600,000. FIFA 15 is next with 19,200,000, then Mortal Kombat X with 16,800,000. In tenth spot is Fortnite with 16,200,000.

For more, head on over to gamstat's full listing, or find out more at Reddit.