Spark Unlimited tipped for Onimusha revival

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UK games magazine PSM3 has claimed that Spark Unlimited has been handed the task of resurrecting the Onimusha franchise.

Onimusha debuted on PS2 on 2001 and offered a melee-focused alternative to the Resident Evil franchise. However, while Resi has gone on to become a global franchise, Onimusha never enjoyed the same popularity.

The last release in the series was 2006's Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams.

Spark Unlimited seem to be Capcom's developer of choice, having recently been assigned with development duties for upcoming release Lost Planet 3.

If true, Spark's involvement may evoke a similar response as it did for Lost Planet – as the developer of colossal flops Turning Point: Fall of Liberty and Legendary: The Box, it has lost favour with many fans.