Steam's 11-day summer sale gets underway

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Steam's annual summer sale is here, offering big savings on a massive collection of PC games.

New games will be on sale each day from July 12 to 22. On the first day, Portal 2 is 75% off ($4.99), Total War: Shogun 2 is 75% off ($7.49), and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is 50% off ($29.99).

Today's other games are Might & Magic: Heroes VI (50% off), Terraria (75% off), Crusader Kings II (75% off), Ridge Racer: Unbounded (50% off) and Legend of Grimrock (60% off). Also on sale is Indie Bundle I (75% off), which includes five games for $9.99.

New this year are the flash deals, which are only available for a few hours. There's even a poll, allowing users to vote for which game they'd like included next. The flash deals have included games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution (75% off), Mafia II 75% off and Rayman Origins (50% off).

Available through all 11 days are the pack deals – large catalogues from various publishers, available at anywhere from 50% to 82% off.

New games will go on sale on Steam every night at 10:30 pm IST

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