Stuttering Xbox One Dead Rising 3 performance will improve, Capcom insists

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Capcom hopes to address the apparent technical struggles suffered by its Dead Rising 3 Xbox One gameplay demo at Gamescom.

Videogamer reports that the playable short, currently on display at the Cologne games expo, struggles to maintain 30 frames per second with significant dips suffered when the number of zombies on screen is ramped up.

Admitting that the game's development team "had many questions over the [game's] performance”, senior producer Jason Leigh told the site that things should improve prior to the game's November release.

"This demo is actually several weeks old and we've made a lot of ground,” he stated. We've got a little bit more ways to go before we release the game.

"We're targeting 30 frames a second. Because we're based in Vancouver, and Seattle is where Microsoft is based, we're only three hours up the road so we constantly have tech people driving back and forth and they're helping us to make this a very smooth running game at launch."

Dead Rising 3 has been named as an Xbox One launch title.