Success in Cologne

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Strong showings from all those present meant there really was something for everyone on hand, no matter which side of the industry fence you sit on. It was slick, well organised and very professional.

Surprisingly, that's not to everyone's liking. I heard a few grumbles that without the intimacy, closed-in and almost claustrophobic ambience of Leipzig it feels like community has been traded for critical mass. Roughly translated, that means: I don't know where everyone I know goes to drink, and this city is too big.

Fair points, but those gripes will fade in time – the contingent of British industry bods was higher this year, and as long as that continues they'll decide where the regular haunts for the trade are. E3, after all, has been going for 15 years now.

And anyway: a slightly more anonymous feel is the trade-off for a show so well put together, with such a great international vibe that reflects the global industry's diversity – and which is, frankly, so good.