Only a third of respondents are still strictly free-to-play

A recent survey of the habits of Fortnite gamers has revealed some interesting stats, with keen players having spent on average $84.67 on the game to date. More impressive still is that the survey found that 68.8 per cent of respondents had spent money on the game, far higher than typical mobile titles convert at.

As always you have to look at the small print. The survey was commissioned by LendEDU, a student loans company in the US, and polled 1,000 American gamers which identified Fortnite as 'the main video game they play’. So these figures may not be applicable across all Fortnite players or all regions.

The survey asked respondents what they spent their money on, with outfits or characters being the main expenditure, surprisingly the survey didn’t ask whether players were investing money in the monthly Battle Pass or Bundle.

The game is bringing in new consumers too, with 36.8 per cent of respondents saying they hadn’t spent money in-game previously. While 20 per cent of spenders were not aware that spending money in-game gave no competitive advantage, something for Epic to possibly work on there. And just over 25.3 per cent also said they were Twitch subscribers and watched and supported the game via the service.

With most players playing six to ten hours of Fortnite a week, they are certainly getting value for money out of their current favourite game.

For more details head over to LendEDU.