Take 2 culls Euro management

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A major shake-up of Take 2's European business will be announced on Monday – with senior management across all territory offices being made redundant.

The news comes following the restructuring of the Board, plus the ousting of CEO Paul Eibeler and other directors – which took place after shareholders earlier this year revealed plans to instigate sweeping changes to turnaround the struggling publishing business (MCV Online 30/3).

MCV believes that streamlining on this side of the Atlantic will see individual territory bosses, plus other management staff, now face the axe.

Take 2 has offices in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia and the Netherlands, which are all thought to be affected by the decision.

No one at Take 2 was willing to comment on the news, although a statement following the publisher's earnings call on Monday (June 11th) is likely.