Team 17 blasts PSPgo pricing structure

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The head of UK developer Team 17 has said that the reason for PSPgo's struggles has nothing to do with its reliance on digital distribution – instead, it's down to the hardware and software pricing strategy adopted by Sony.

Digital Distribution is here to stay” he Martyn Brown told IncGamers. I think the issues with the PSPgo were somewhat different, basically the cost of the hardware, the software library and it's pricing.

The problem wasn't that it was a digital device – look at the iPhone and App Store.”

In June Sony basically admitted to MCV that it had learnt a lot” from the launch and sales performance of the PSPgo. In recent weeks it has tried to inject some life into the platform by giving away ten free full game downloads with every purchase.

However, industry onlookers have reportedly called for significant price cuts to the device. In April Michael Pachter said that believed the PSP would sell out everywhere at $99”.