Telltale's The Walking Dead is getting a three-part mini-series later this year

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The franchise that made Telltale's name is set to rise again later in 2015.

The second season of the studio's Walking Dead adventure game saw its final chapter released last August.

However, an upcoming spin-off is set to tell a new story, presumably leading into the franchise's third season.

The Walking Dead: Michonne will follow the eponymous character also seen in the original comic book series and subsequent TV show.

Specifically, the events take place between issues #126 and #129 of the Walking Dead comic.

Players will need to own at least the first episode of The Walking Dead's second season to access the three-part mini-series.

There was a similarly brief interlude release between the first and second seasons of the episodic adventure game, entitled 400 Days.

Like its full-bodied predecessors, the mini-series will be coming to Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, iOS and Android. It's set for release this Autumn.

Telltale announced the title during YouTube's E3 live show.