Tencent and Bluehole are bringing PUBG to mobile in China

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will get the mobile treatment in China, Tencent revealed yesterday.

This announcement comes on the back of Tencent securing PUBG Chinese exclusivity last week. But it now looks like the Chinese giant will publish and distribute more than the PC version, as it announced in a blog post (in Chinese) that it was working with developer Bluehole on a mobile version.

In the post, a joint statement from the studio and the publisher indicates that the title will release on mobile “in the near future” as development is going “smoothly.” The announcement also says they’re working towards matching the original title’s core gameplay.

Tencent having previously announced that PUBG will be tweaked to “accord with socialist core values, Chinese traditional culture and moral rules”, it’s likely the mobile version will get the same treatment and it sounds very unlikely that it will be anything like the original title.

PUBG recently hit the 21m units sold, claimed seven Guinness World Records and grabbed two Golden Joystick awards (Best PC and Best Multiplayer). It’s coming out on Xbox One as Game Preview title on December 12th (both physically and digitally).