The Conduit HD revealed for Tegra-powered mobile devices

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The Conduit, as in High Voltage's 2009 Wii-exclusive, is getting an HD update launching soon for Tegra-powered mobile and tablet devices.

GoNintendo points us to a coming soon page for the game on Tegrazone that states the game will be released during Q1 2013. If that's true, that means it would be out by the end of this month.

The store page also says players can download the first two missions for free, but will need to pay $2.99 for a pair of three-level packs that make up the remainder of the game. Buyers can purchase all six premium missions bundled together at $4.99 as well.

The FPS was originally trumpeted as a beacon of hope in what ended up being a porous release schedule for the Nintendo Wii.