The Dark Knight Rises gets added SmartGlass content on Xbox 360

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Microsoft is trying to entice consumers to choose Xbox 360 as their host platform for the video release of The Dark Knight Rises.

The film will come will a host of SmartGlass extras, meaning that those with a compatible device can access complimentary content while watching Christopher Nolan's movie.

Additional features include exclusive content, storyboards, trivia, quotes from the film's director and actors, a closer look at The Dark Knight Rises' vehicles, gadgets and characters, time-synced information about the epic conclusion to the Dark Knight legend and behind the scenes look at Bane's in-flight hijacking, the stadium disaster and more”.

US customers are also being offered the chance to win a replica of Bane's mask made from the same mold used in the film. There's no word yet on whether it will make you talk in the same aggressively flouncy pitch.