The Evolution of Hax$

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The year is 2008.

Baltimore is playing host to Pound 3, a major event boasting over 200 players. Legends of the day are doing their best to traverse through the bracket. Jonathan "Plank" Graybeal is running the event, making sure people report for their next match. Names such as PC Chris, Mew2King, ChuDat, Azen, Hugs, Forward, Cactuar, Silent Wolf, Drephen, and Cort echo throughout the venue.

While all of those players had established themselves long before this event, two legends would be forged throughout the weekend. A young Joseph "Mang0" Marquez goes to the loser's bracket in the first round after dropping a Link mirror to Otto "Silent Wolf" Bisno, and then goes on to make the greatest bracket run in Smash—winning the event, the first of his many major victories.

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