The Loneliness of the Professional Gamer

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If you haven't heard of Jonathan Sutak, producer and director ofThe Foreigner, a new documentary about professionalStarCraft II(2010), you can take solace in knowing that you've probably seen some of his work. Not, mind you, the two independent dramas—UpThe River(2015), a romance, andDon't Worry Baby(2015), a comedy—he's produced; you haven't seen those. What you have seen are the manytrailersandTV spotshe's edited, for films as far afield asEverest(2015) andKingsman: The Secret Service(2015). If not exactly a Hollywood insider, Sutak nevertheless approaches filmmaking from the perspective of someone who operates in the conventions of popular film. For this reason, Sutak bristles at the suggestion thatThe Foreigneris an ‘esports documentary.' What it really is, in his words, is a ‘documentary about esports.'

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