The Rise of Ranged Supports at MSI: a play in three acts

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When asked if the ranged support meta is a real thing,” Counter Logic Gaming support Zaqueri aphromoo” Black laughs and quirks an eyebrow. It's actually a real thing,” he says before launching into a summation of how SK Telecom T1 and Lee Wolf” Jae-wan countered CLG's Soraka pick with Nami.

It remains to be seen whether ranged mage supports are truly back, especially with massive changes arriving on the 6.9 patch prior to the start of upcoming summer seasons across the five major regions. The 2016 Mid-Season Invitational served as a clash between various regional styles, through which its own in-tournament meta arose. Ranged supports surprisingly played an increasingly larger role in composition choices, beginning in the MSI group stages and ending with Wolf's victorious Nami in the finals.

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