The teams for the League of Legends All Star event have been announced

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The teams for the League of Legends All Star event have been announced after fans voted for the players they wanted to see in Barcelona.

Fans have been voting for their favourite player in each position for each region over the last few weeks, with the player that secures the highest percentage of votes appearing at the All Star event. Teams for the NA LCS, LCK, LPL, EU LCS and LMS have been decided, with the International Wildcard team still to be decided.

In the greater Team Ice vs Team Fire battle the teams from the LCK, NA LCS and IWC will represent Team Fire while the LPL, LMS and EU LCS teams will play for Team Ice.

Each of the teams will battle it out at the All Star event in Barcelona between December 8th and 11th.

Players can turn down their invitations, which Bora "YellOwStaR" Kim has already done as he is now the manager of PSG's eSports division.


  • Impact (Top, Cloud9)
  • Reignover (Jungler, Immortals)
  • Bjergsen (Mid, Team SoloMid)
  • Doublelift (AD Carry, Team SoloMid)
  • Aphromoo (Support, Counter Logic Gaming)


  • Smeb (Top, ROX Tigers)
  • Bengi (Jungler, SK Telecom T1)
  • Faker (Mid, SK Telecom T1)
  • PraY (AD Carry, ROX Tigers)
  • MadLife (Support, CJ Entus)


  • Mouse (Top, EDward Gaming)
  • Clearlove (Jungler, EDward Gaming)
  • We1less (Mid, LGD Gaming)
  • Uzi (AD Carry, Royal Never Give Up)
  • Mata (Support, Royal Never Give Up)


  • sOAZ (Top, Origen)
  • Jankos (Jungler, H2k-Gaming)
  • xPeke (Mid, Origen)
  • Rekkles (AD Carry, Fnatic)
  • Mithy (Support, G2 Esports)


  • Ziv (Top, Ahq e-Sports Club)
  • Karsa (Jungler, Flash Wolves)
  • Maple (Mid, Flash Wolves)
  • Bebe (AD Carry, J Team)
  • Albis (Support, Ahq e-Sports Club)