The UK's Top Online-Only Indies: Simply Games

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The final entry into our look at the UK's top online-only indies is the 2013 MCV Award winner, Simply Games.

Owner Neil Muspratt tells MCV why the site is deliberately remaining a games-only business

Simply Games is one of the biggest success stories in online indie retail. The 2013 MCV Award winner has experienced multiple redesigns in its history in a bid to keep the site fresh.

Every single element of the website has been re-designed, developed and improved over the last six years," says Simply Games owner Neil Muspratt.

The business has expanded on a non-stop basis over that period. The last three years has been the most impressive, things have snow-balled.”

Whilst many indies are turning to stocking other products in a bid to draw in consumers, Simply Games is heading in the opposite direction.

We are a specialist in video games and plan to stay that way for the foreseeable future,” added Muspratt.

Our development plans are actually centered around us becoming more specialist rather than diversifying. Improving content, bringing news to customers, increasing the volume of offers we run and so on.”

The site is keeping expansion plans, set to come into effect during Q4 2013, under lock and key at the moment.

But until then, Muspratt is content that despite the usual difficulties, the end of the year will bring some exciting titles.

We have to accept that the product we deal in, and the market that we love, is just a commodity to the bigger players. It's always been like that but it's still frustrating when it is impossible to sell particular products at anything but a loss. I'm not looking forward to the summer.

That said, Q4 is looking really exciting and I can't wait to see the products up close at E3 this year.”