There are 12 Minecraft records in the new gaming Guinness Book of World Records

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The phenomenon that is Minecraft now has 12 world records.

IGN reports that the entries can be found in the Guinness Book of World Records 2015: Gamer's Edition, although it's probably not fair to say the game has 12 world records – by our count only four of them are records that are not exclusively limited to Minecraft itself.

They are:

  • Best-Selling Indie Game: Not including the console versions with big publishers, Mojang has sold 16,176,201 copies on PC and Mac. Mojang's website now says that number is over 18 million.
  • Most Popular Game Beta: Over 10 million people played the beta between December 20, 2012, and November 18, 2011.
  • Most-Viewed Fan Film Based on a Video Game: "'Revenge' – A Minecraft Parody of Usher's DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love – Crafted Using Noteblocks" by YouTuber CaptainSparklez was viewed 139,888,399 times when it earned the record.
  • Most-Played Xbox Live Game: As of May last year, Minecraft Xbox 360 players have spend 1.75 billion hours (or 199,722 years), playing the game.

And the remaining eight:

  • Longest Marathon on Minecraft: 24 hours and 10 minutes, by Austrian gamer Martin Fornleitner playing on a Sony Xperia Play handset.
  • Largest Indie Game Convention: 7500 people attended MineCon 2013.
  • First Country Modelled at Full Scale in a Video Game: Last year, the Danish Geodata Agency released a 1:1-scale recreation of Denmark. Yes, every building and feature of the 16,602 square mile country was accounted for. It includes four billion blocks.
  • Largest Real-World Place Created in Minecraft: The UK Ordinance Survey created a map of Britain and its islands using 22 million blocks to cover over 86,000 square miles of land. Each block represents 538 square feet.
  • Most Concurrent Players in One Minecraft World: 2,622 players crammed into a server run by YouTube channel Yogscast.
  • Most Minecraft Snow Golems Built in One Minute: 70, accomplished by gamer Nachtigall Vaz.
  • Most-Downloaded Minecraft Project: The Dropper, a mod in which you must fall through obstacles without hitting them, has been downloaded 1,145,546 times.

Longest Journey in Minecraft: Kurt J. Mac travelled 919,592 miles for charity in Minecraft's Survival mode.