There are people who want you to crowdfund a plush Flappy Bird controller

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What's better than a free clone of Flappy Bird on iOS or Android?

The answer: definitely not a clone that costs $15 and comes with a large fluffy Bluetooth controller.

Nonetheless, that option is available to you thanks to a new crowdfunding venture from ZowPow. It's called Flappy and is a dedicated motion-sensing controller designed to work with a Flappy Bird rip-off.

The device connects via Bluetooth to an Android or iOS phone and allows users to play the clone by flipping the toy upwards

ZowPow hopes to raise $25,000, with a funding deadline of April 8th. At the time of writing Flappy has raised $1,965 from 73 backers.

Should for whatever reason you wish to, you can buy into the scheme here.