Top 100 Women in Games: Tara Saunders

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Tara Saunders started in the games industry alongside the launch of the PlayStation 2 in 2000, fresh from graduating with an MA in Computer Animation.

She joined Sony's London studio as a junior animator working on The Getaway.

Saunders is a long-standing member of the studio and now works as studio art director, responsible for the art discipline across all of the outlet's projects.

Saunders comments that she has always found games an exciting medium to work in, with the pace at which the industry changes and the innovation it generates what she finds most inspiring.

Of all of her achievements, Saunders' greatest source of pride is that she works in a studio that embraces the innovation of the games industry.

She adds that she has really enjoyed her involvement in the production of a diverse set of titles that the firm has made.

Outside of her work with Sony's London studio, Saunders is an active member of BAFTA and supports the next generation of game developers through participation on a number of education advisory boards.