Top 100 Women in Games: Véronique Lallier

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My 15 year career has been driven by my passion for both video games and digital entertainment – which began at the age of 10, when I was given a NES,” says Warner's Vronique Lallier when asked about her journey in the games industry.

I started my career at Ubisoft France in 1999 where I had a one year internship as a marketing assistant.

"Throughout the years, I've had the chance to work for some amazing companies, allowing me to develop and learn a lot about our constantly changing industry.

"Today, I'm in charge of digital publishing forWarner Bros Interactive Entertainment, which is an area I particularly enjoy - it gives me the opportunity to build programmes based on consumer data, improving gameplay for fans, while enabling us to optimise customer acquisition, retention and monetisation (ARM).

"Every step of my career has included fantastic and memorable moments. From the launch of GTA: Vice City – France's biggest-ever day-one release on PlayStation – to introducing Guild Wars to the international market and, now, working with the talented studios and staff at Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment across our games portfolio."