Toys R Us trialling pre-owned

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US retail giant Toys R Us has become the latest High Street retailer to test out the pre-owned game waters with the news that it is trialling a second hand scheme in some of its North American stores.

A spokesperson for the company confirmed to Joystiq that it's testing the market in a couple of its New York” stores, though refused to give any details on the exact stores, or the nature of its pre-owned plans.

Those wishing to buy pre-owned games on the UK High Street are spoilt for choice at the moment, with the likes of GAME, Gamestation, Blockbuster, CEX, HMV and the nation's network of indies offering a strong selection. It's the same online, too, with Play and Amazon championing their pre-owned offerings.

There's no word yet if similar plans are in place for the UK or Europe.