Treyarch nervous about the future

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Whatever happens now, Infinity Ward as it was, isdead. The 'brand' may live on, but a company is the sum of the talents and efforts of its staff.” Those are the words of Frontier Developments' David Braben, though it's his concern for Treyarch that is perhaps the more chilling.

At the start of this process, Treyarch were very much in the shadow of Infinity Ward in terms of quality (apologies to those involved),” Braben wrote on Develop.

But with time they have improved hugely, in my opinion, and I imagine they can now carry the CoD brand successfully themselves going forwards, and the great bulk of players that don't follow gaming news sites will simply not notice.

Having said that, woes betide the brand if Treyarch goes the way of Infinity Ward – though to be honest, that seems unlikely. I'm sure those at Treyarch have nervously wondered what the future might hold for them if they want to work on something else too.

I suspect it will be different, though, andthey will be treated as Activision's new best friends, at least until another potential torch-bearer is in place.”

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